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Amateur Radio A 21st Century Hobby

Whether you enjoy writing software, getting hands-on with practical equipment, developing new technology or simply want to use what’s already there to communicate with others across the world, you’ll find all of this – and more – within amateur radio. It is also great fun. Why don’t you try it? Watch this….

Ham Radio Exam – How To Get Started

Ham Radio Exam

How To Get Started

So – you decided you want to get your ham radio license!  Congratulations!

Now you are wondering what to do to get ready for that Ham Radio Exam and be able to pass the test.  Well, there’s lots of resources available – and the video below shows you one of those resources where you can take practice tests for free!

While the whole process might seem a bit overwhelming, you can take a little bit at a time and get through it!  I know you can – my dad did it, I did it for 4 tests, two of my sons did it.  Plus – there’s a whole bunch of ham radio operators that would be glad to help you.

So dig in and get started  watch this video for some help:

Getting Started In Ham Radio

Getting Started In Ham Radio

Want a good overview of ham radio and how to get started?

Watch the video below.  It will answer a lot of questions, including “What Is Ham Radio?

There’s a lot to do in ham radio.  And lots of ham radio equipment.

Oh – by the way – it’s Amateur Radio – NOT Amature Radio LOL.

Learn about ham radio licenses and get started!

Watch this now:

Dayton Hamvention 2013

Dayton Hamvention 2013

The greatest show in the world on Ham Radio each year.
It happens in Dayton, Ohio in May.


Dayton Hamvention 2013 Hara Arena

About 24,000 folks show up from all around the world for eyeball QSOs, buy and sell equipment, make new friends, attend meetings, take their tests for new or upgraded tickets, and much, much more!

If you’ve never been to the Dayton Hamvention then get it on your calendar.

How about four main halls filled with vendors inside and about 2,000 flea market vendors outside.  If you can’t get it at Dayton it probably doesn’t exist…

New radios galore….





Ham Radio – Amateur Radio

What Is Ham Radio?

Ham Radio is many things to hundreds of thousands around the world.  You can have fun, provide communications in emergency situations, and learn and grow new technology solutions in electronics and radio communications.

Watch the video below and get a small glimpse about what answers that question:

What Is Ham Radio?