amateur radio license

Ham Radio Exam – How To Get Started

Ham Radio Exam

How To Get Started

So – you decided you want to get your ham radio license!  Congratulations!

Now you are wondering what to do to get ready for that Ham Radio Exam and be able to pass the test.  Well, there’s lots of resources available – and the video below shows you one of those resources where you can take practice tests for free!

While the whole process might seem a bit overwhelming, you can take a little bit at a time and get through it!  I know you can – my dad did it, I did it for 4 tests, two of my sons did it.  Plus – there’s a whole bunch of ham radio operators that would be glad to help you.

So dig in and get started  watch this video for some help:

Ham Radio License

Ham Radio License
Amateur Radio License

Interested in how to get your Ham Radio License? How now person studied for her Technician Class License. There are many ways to study for your license – here are a few links to resources:

Books and manuals:

Ham Radio License

Inexpensive VHF/UHF Handheld Radio:


Get started TODAY!  It’s not real difficult to get your Technician Class License and then work towards the General Class and Extra Class License later.

Ham Radio is such an awesome hobby and skill to have.  The opportunities are endless.

Watch this: